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As the third largest island in the Mediterranean and a gateway between Europe, North Africa and the Middle East, Cyprus can draw on many influences for inspiration in fashion design. The country is increasingly establishing itself as a serious contender in haute and high street couture. Fabrics range from leather and suede, to cottons, lace - a Cypriot speciality - silk and chiffon. Over 30 fashion firms specialise in either knitwear, women's and men's apparel, leather goods, sports cloth, hosiery or occasion wear.

Cyprus already enjoys a healthy fashion industry. The industry has gone through a process of modernisation over the last three years and Cypriot companies are able to offer the expertise and flexibility to handle both large and small orders, branded and buyer's own label clothes, and fulfilling the orders at short notice.

With a proven track record for designing and producing elegant, good quality clothing, many of the companies within the Cypriot fashion industry already supply the EU and US markets. They combine the latest high tech machinery with traditional care and attention to detail and excellent after-sales service.

It is the quality, expertise and attention to detail that combine to make Cyprus a strong player in the fashion industry. For those not familiar with Cypriot style, clothing industry in Cyprus is renowned for its elegance and tailoring.

For further information please contact the Cyprus Clothing Industries Association:

Cyprus Clothing Industries Association
29 Archbishop Kyprianos Avenue
Block A, 2nd Floor, App. 21
2059 Strovolos

Tel: +357 22 497520
Fax: +357 22 490 683