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G & L Calibers Ltd was established in 1977 by Mr. Lakis Psimolophitis, a keen competition shooter himself for many years. His passion and years of experimentation and research resulted in the range of VICTORY cartridges; now used around the world by top class competition shooters.


During the 1980's, Cypriot competition shooters started using Victory cartridges with impressive results in international shooting competition events. Competitors from all around the world were impressed by the high speed and low recoil of Victory competition leads.


In addition to the competition range, Victory cartridges has developed a wide range of hunting loads.


The company exports to twenty-one countries including the UK, USA, Japan and Australia. Victory products are particularly popular in several European, Middle East and Gulf countries.


It is one of the few cartridge (shot shell) manufacturers globally that produces most components at its plant in Ergates Industrial Estate, in Nicosia. The company utilizes strict quality standards for the production of all components and there is consistency in the use of materials and production processes.