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  Studying in Cyprus - Study Permit  

Study permit in Cyprus

The Migration Department is the competent authority in Cyprus for the issuing of entry permits and residence permits to foreign students.

Student permits (tertiary education) are only granted for studies in private tertiary institutions that are registered with the Ministry of Education and Culture.

Student permits (primary and secondary education) are granted for studies at registered institutions of primary and secondary education.

Applications are submitted to the Migration Department by the respective educational institutions.

The course of studies of foreign nationals is governed by the regulations determined by the Ministry of Education and Culture.

The entry of foreign students into Cyprus, their stay and their vocational training lies under the jurisdiction of the Migration Officer. Every student must be in possession of the relevant permit issued by the latter. The above-mentioned permit is issued for a specific educational institution and in case of change, the interested student must obtain a new residence permit.
Furthermore, the prospective students in question should be in possession of $3000 upon arrival in order to be allowed to enter Cyprus. Members of their families are usually not allowed to stay with them during their residence in Cyprus.

The pursuit of studies is mandatory and applies to all academic programs and study schemes approved by the Ministry of Education and Culture.